Pregame Hoop Hopes: San Antonio @ OKC Game 4

Get your beers folks. Game 4 of the Western Conference finals is on tonight. After The Spurs got killed in the rowdy Chesapeake Arena two days ago look forward to a competitive bounce back from the Spurs.

What I hope will happen this game:

Ginobli, Gynobilly, Binobilly, Gynobly….. MANU is going to have a sick dunk, sick assist, and sick three. Possibly all in the same play

Timmy D is going to fall asleep at the free throw line but make the bucket at the 4th second. He’s also going to make sure that every Spur gets a pat on the head.

Kevin Durant is going to have a monstrous game. +30 for sure on half the attempts that Westbrook will make.

Lil’ Wayne is going to be a Lil’ bitch and try to order some cough medicine and he’ll get what he wants.


Cheers kids, get excited cause it’s gonna be good tonight.


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