Pregame Hoop Hopes: Miami @ Boston Game 4

It is pretty scary how good the Miami Heat are without Chris Bosh. We all thought that when the veBoshoraptor went down that the Heat would be completely lost. Without his offensive presence it meant that teams would be able to double-team Wade and James on every posession. And for the first few games without Bosh it really seemed like the Heat were a completely different team.

That was about 3 weeks ago. Now that the Heat have finished 2 playoff series without the traitor Bosh they are finally settling into life after Bosh.

“Hodor Hodor Hodor”- Hodor (Game of Thrones)

Erik Spoelstra has announced that Bosh will not participate in Game 4 so we’ll see how Wade will be able to adapt. Considering the last few games for Wade have been disappointing on the Dwyane-scale it’s only a matter of time before he bounces back.

What I hope will happen this game:

Rondo is going to summon the free-throw gods once again and shoot above 70% from the line.

Kevin Garnett is going to do something that no one will understand and in doing so everyone will understand that it’s Kevin Garnett.

If Pierce is going to have a wheelchair inducing injury then miraculously recover, this is the game that it has to happen.

I wish with all my heart that Ray Allen goes off. As one of my favourite players its tough to see him struggle with those ankles and bone spurs.

The Celtics make it 2-2 and break Miami in 6… but smarter minds will prevail..: Heat in 6.


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