Offensive 3 In the Key…

Welcome to the first edition of “Offensive 3 in the Key.” What happens here is a highlight reel on the 3 dumbest plays from around the NBA universe.

1. The *@&# I Give
Candidate: DeMarcus Cousins

No filter on or off the court. Oh right, the back story. Here is Cousins congratulating his boy Jimmer on his wedding day and what appears to be his innuendo of wedding night sex. For that, you deserve to be on the list.

2. I ❤ SA
Candidate: DeJuan Blair

I ❤ San Antonio

Not sure what to say about or how to determine the sheer awesomeness of this photo. What’s more outrageous, his love for San Antonio, or how ridiculous the glasses look. Outstanding.

3. Forgetting World Peace
Candidate: Ron Artest…errrr…Metta World Peace

Forgetting your own name?  Forgetting your own ridiculous name?!?!

Honorable Mentions
Nominee: Gilbert Arenas

Agent 0 dropping a deuce in what appears to be a department store of some kind.
What a rascal.


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