Pregame Hoop Hopes: OKC @ San Antonio

Never would’ve imagined that the Thunder would be able to make the Spurs seem so human. After dominating performances at home the Thunder are on the road again this time at the AT&T Center to hopefully steal game 5 from the Spurs.

After Game 1, people thought that KD could be contained by Stephen Jackson, cause you know… that’s a realistic thing to say (there needs to be a typecast to signify sarcasm). yeah… no.

You can’t stop KD. I’m sorry but Mac & Cheese just can’t be beat.

It’s going to be tough for the rest of the Thunder because you can’t count on Serge Ibaka to score 25 points on 11 for 11 shooting every night and even more unreliable is Kendrick Perkins going off for 15 points. Russel Westbrook absolutely has to step up tonight. After averaging 7.5 points on 20% shooting over the past two games at home, you can’t help but wonder if dressing like this is implying he has adult onset retardation

“You stay classy San Diego!”- Ron Burgundy (Anchorman)

What I hope will happen this game:

Spurs fans get up and cheer for their home team, at least pretend to show that your as into this as the OKC fans.

Tony Parker is going to come alive in this game, it’s about time!

Westbrook is going to realize that wearing lens-less glasses really doesn’t stop the flies from hitting his eyes when he drives to the hoop.

Coach Pop is going to absolutely demolish anyone who fucks up on defense, on offense, at the line, on the bench, and in the locker room.


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