So..I don’t like Blake Griffin, unless he is on my fantasy team.

Oh Blake Griffin.

I adored you last year, you were a fantastic 9th round draft pick last year. Averaging 22 points and 12.5 rebound per game as a rookie. Your knees held up and you posterized nearly everyone in the league. Not only were the second best player on my fantasy team, you also detroyed the hopes and dreams of my opponents by crushing their fantasy darlings too.

This season, I found myself on the other side of the window. Looking in, I saw you destroying my players while never showing a smile or celebration. Instead Deandre Jordon did all your celebrating for you, holding you back after you wrecked Pau Gasol, all while you contained your emotion with your standard “Blake face”.

But that was an offensive foul. You know it, I know it, the refs knew it after the game. You can’t push off a player to make a dunk, and you know that the refs will never call you out on it cause everyone loves a good poster. I can’t put my finger on what it is about you that I don’t like, if I were to make an educated guess it would have to be the fact that you think that you have never commit fouls and that you always get fouled in return.

“WHAAAAT”- Lil Jon

Or maybe it’s because you think that your getting fouled harder than any other player out there. Well news flash Blake, when you try to make a poster every game you play in, that’s what’s going to happen.


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