Off-Season Acquisition Daydreams: Steve Nash

It would be very nice for the Toronto Raptors to acquire Steve Nash. Actually it would be beyond nice, it be in-fucking-credible! It would be Legen-DARY!  Odds of it happening are zero to none but hey I can dream right?

The 38-year old All-Star point guard is a free agent entering the 2012-2013 season and there are a number of teams interested in acquiring the ageless magician.. but fuck those teams cause I want him in Toronto!

Why Nash should come to Toronto:

  • Seeing him run the pick and roll with flyers like Derozan and the pick and pop with Andrea Bargnani would be amazing to watch.
  • He’s Captain Canada he’ll be loved by literally an entire country, not just a single city.
  • We could have the whitest team if we play Nash at PG, Calderon at SG (fudge the extra inches) Kleiza at SF, Bargs at PF, and Jonas at C.
  • Sold-out arenas every night!
  • He can also play for the Toronto FC, I hear they suck.

Realistically speaking it probably won’t happen, Nash still doesn’t have a ring and I imagine that he will want to pursue it while his back and his knees still allow it. As a surefire member of the Hall of Fame and two-time MVP the elusive ring is the only thing missing from his trophy shelf.

I would love to see Nash win a ring with any team save the Miami Heat, it’s a shame that some think that Miami is Nash’s most likely destination. As much as I want Nash to get his ring it shouldn’t come at the expense of Lebron winning one too…


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