Pre-Game Hoop Hopes: A Veboshoraptor has been sighted.

The return of Chris Bosh

Cue Benny Hill music please.

Since he went down against the New York Knicks, Chris Bosh has been caught on the bench being… for lack of a better word, an idiot.

And even before that he was starting to be a on camera trickster too.

Oh silly Bosh tricks are for kids!

Let’s be serious though, the return of Bosh would have a large impact on the outcome of this game. With Bosh, the Heat can now properly space out the floor. The return of a third scoring option who can easily hit that mid-range jumper will take away the Celtics’ option of double-teaming Dwayne Wade and Lebron James every time they touch the ball. With more space across the floor expect Battier, Chalmers, and Jones to knock down the occasional corner three.

Haslem has been phenomenal in the absence of Bosh. He is a better defender and a better rebounder, but right now the Heat need offense. They need someone to take the heat off of Wade and James (pun not intended).

Rondo will have to go for 20 and 10, Garnett another 20 and 10, Pierce will have to chip in his usual production, and please Ray, shoot above 50%! On defense, on offense the Celtics needs to play a perfect game.

Paul Pierce must stay out of foul trouble, and for that to happen the referees will have to properly do their jobs. I mean, come on guys, enough with the light calls.

I expect that the winner of this game will end up playing in the NBA finals. My heart goes with the Celtics but my gut goes with the Heat.

What I hope will happen this game:

  • Every member of a “Big 3” will play over 40 minutes
  • Rondo is special, he gets 48.
  • Ray Allen will shoot the lights out of the building at a much better rate
  • Both teams will shoot less than 30 free throws.

Fuck off Mr.Bosh.

EDIT:  There may not be a happy ending after all


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