With the First and Second Overall Pick…

“With the first overall pick do I take KD35 or King James for fantasy this year?”
(Head to Head)

2011-2012 Season Avgs

“LeBron James”
53%FG  0.9 3s  77.1%FT  7.9rpg  6.2apg  3.4TO  1.9spg  0.8bpg  27.2ppg

“Kevin Durant ”
49.6%FG  2.0 3s  86%FT  8.0rpg  3.5apg  3.8TO  1.3spg  1.2bpg  28.0ppg

Those are some amazing stat lines and since we’re talking about fantasy, let’s just forget about who is more “clutch” and try and decide, “Who would you rather build your team around?” Hit the jump for a more in-depth look at the numbers.

If we look the numbers more closely, we should probably note that KD takes more attempts, averaging around 19.7 afgpg (attempted field goals/game) while Lebron is at 18.9afgpg. While this doesn’t seem like much, if you average that for 82 games (assuming no injuries)  that’s almost an extra 82 field goals taken which is not so microscopic. But not to nitpick, both players have an amazing FG% and could easily carry you into the leaderboard for FG% next season.

It’s pretty similar with regards to FT% as well, as KD’s is a lot better and is actually going to actually help you win this category. I genuinely also believe his FT% is going to go up since his last two years have been 90% and 88% respectively. His career average is also at a staggering 87% which makes his last season FT% an all time low.  KD averages about 7.6 FT attempts per game while LBJ is at 8.1 FT attempts per game. However, LBJs mediocre FT% and career FT% at that isn’t going to win you the category alone so give this one to Durant.

Rebounds per game are essentially the exact same.

TO might seem like a clear win for LBJ, but I’d hold up for one second. Generally, your first couple of picks will be your core and your later picks will be drafted to build around that core. So if we take LBJ for instance we are obviously going for steals/apg/ppg/rbg/almost every category/fuck LBJ (mainly because I never got the chance to snag him in my career as a fantasy league owner).

However, his strong suit considering he is a point-forward, is his ability to pass and steal which is better than Durant’s. So for steals and assists, there’s an obvious selection here. Guards, guards, and more guards. Mike Conley, Rajon Rondo, Ricky Rubio, etc. If this isn’t the case, it should be. Then consider the TO those players average. Case made. Chalk it up for KD.

What KD lacks in spg, he makes up for in bpg (compared to King James of course).
This is pretty even as well.

Personally, I would go with KD. Why? Because I love building in the opposite direction of assists. With assists, we are pretty much guaranteed to lose the TO category. Plus, I never liked LBJ anyways *rolls eyes*, but to be honest I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.


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