Eastern Conference Finals- Boston @ Miami Game 5

It felt like an unpredictable night overall as I honestly expected the Heat to win convincingly, especially with the return of Bosh. The Celtics came out flat missing their first six shots from the field, allowing the Heat to jump out to a 7-0 lead.The first half was awful for both teams, as easy baskets weren’t falling and both teams appeared to be rushing their offense. The Celtics were shooting an awful 33.3% by the half while the Heat shot at 36.6%.

Rondo was plagued by foul trouble early in the game and was a non-factor for much of the first half. Combined with his abysmal shooting (3-15), he still did a good job getting teammates involved as he dished out 13 assists. His assist total alone tied the number of assists the Heat had the entire game.

A great second half saw clutch threes from Mickael Pietrus and Paul Pierce which seemingly put the Heat away. But the true hero in this game for the Celtics was KG. He looked revitalized and was playing the pick and roll game to perfection with Rondo all night long.

Though he wasn’t as efficient as he regularly is, Lebron was a monster this game scoring 30 points and hauling in 13 rebounds. His highlight of the night was a hustle play where he grabbed two offensive rebounds and lay’d it up by slashing through the Boston defense.

The return of Chris Bosh was short-lived as he played less than 15 minutes and sat out the entire fourth quarter. Despite this he made the most of his minutes, scoring nine points and grabbing seven boards. I personally think Spoelstra should have put Chris Bosh in the game. He felt he was ready to go and managed to make some tough shots. His ass should have been on the court instead of warming the bench.

Seriously, give it up for KG’s performance. Great Interview.
Doris Burke: What fuels you after 17 years in the league?
Kevin Garnett: Competition, the naysayers, the owners who talk too much, the people who don’t think a 36 or 35 year old can do what I do. I take a lot of pride on my craft. I work really hard on my craft everyday. I’m a true professional.



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