Westbrook Getting his Gordon Gartrell On

Anyone remember Theo Huxtable from the Cosby Show? His incessant need to impress his date, but lacking the funds to buy an actual Gordon Gartrell (some designer I imagine). Then he eventually got his sister to make him a shirt? No? Shame on you. Probably one of the best wholesome family shows ever conceived by Mr. Pudding Pop himself.

I’m sure Russell Westbrook saw it. Take a look at some of his beauties down below.

The shirt that started it all. “Gone Fishing”

What appears to be a nautical shirt of some type.

Just like Westbrook, teddy bears have swag.

No comment.

Colorful to say the least.

Probably one of his better choices.

Got his sister to make this. (Not sure whether or not he actually has a sister!)

Call me crazy, but I actually like this paint stained shirt.

 Intense polka-dot shirt caught on camera after winning the WCF last night.

Be on the lookout for the next edition. I’m sure he’ll manage some even crazier shirts during the finals.

@Via Buzzfeed


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