Offensive 3 in The Key #2

Welcome to the second edition of “Offensive 3 in the Key.” If you don’t know by now, this is a recap on the 3 dumbest plays from around the NBA universe.

This week we have…

#1 Big Baby
Candidate: D-Wade

At no point in your life, let alone your basketball career should you be on the floor crying about a call. You’re a grown ass man for fucks sake. I really don’t care what the circumstance is. Get your ass off the floor and play some basketball. Really. REALLY.

Candidate: Pierre McGee (Javale McGee)

Is this a serious question? Refer back to this.

Candidate: Chris Kaman

Anyone remember what happened to Plaxico Burress? I hope the gun isn’t loaded for his sake. And maybe you should put the gun down and start practicing your jump shot instead.

Honorable Mentions
Nominee: Jordan Crawford

Jordan Crawford apparently trying to take the smell out of his shoes? I’m not really sure what else his shoes would be doing in the fridge. I guess he didn’t get the memo. Its the freezer, not the fridge. Y’jackass!


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