Fantasy Basketball for Dummies: Picks 1-3

#1 Lebron James

53%FG,77%FT,0.9 3PG, 7.9RPG,  6.2APG,  3.4TO, 1.9SPG, 0.8BPG, 27.2PPG

Lebron James is a nightly triple-double threat. A small forward that can pass, rebound, and score at will, numbers wise he is the clear MVP of the league. His free throw shooting was long considered his weakness but it has risen from his average last year. The best thing about having James as your top pick is that you can have the freedom to draft anybody you want second because James is so versatily.

This season Lebron has committed to his post-play more and more often which resulted in a higher fg% but also less 3’s made per game. He still near averages a 3 a game so it’s nice to have that on the side. James is your one-stop shop, and regardless of how far the Heat make it in this year’s playoffs, the sky is the limit for this evolving team.

#2 Kevin Durant

49.6% FG, 85% FT, 2.0 3PG, 8.0RPG, 3.5 APG, 3.8TO, 1.2 SPG, 1.2 BPG, 28.0 PPG

Look at that stat line, look at it! The man is only 23 years old and he’s a motherfucking monster!

Increases across his entire stat line since last season (with a 4% drop in FT%), Durant is a very, very close second pick to Lebron James. His increased ability at rebounding and excellent made three’s per game have increased his stock value and just like Lebron make him a very easy first pick to build around.

My favorite thing about Durant is his ability to get to the free throw line and sink those shots. This season he attempted 7.6 per game and if you can pair him up with another player shoots at the same percentage then you’ve pretty much got the free throw category in the bag.

His only downfall is his turnover rate. He averages more turnovers per game than assists, if he can cut back on turning the ball over he’s my clear first choice.

#3 Chris Paul

47.8% FG, 86.1% FT, 1.3 3PG, 3.6 RPG, 9.1 APG, 2.1 TO, 2.5 SPG, 0.1 BPG, 18.8 PPG

His numbers across the board have dropped since his New Orleans days but you can chalk that up to learning a new system under Vinny Del Negro. You would think his assists would skyrocket with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan on court, but without a training camp last off-season you can only hope that the numbers will bounce back.

Paul’s greatest strength is is ability to generate a high number of assists while keeping his turnovers moderately low. In his third year in the league he generated 11.6 APG while only turning over the ball 2.5 times. Compare those numbers to Kevin Durant’s current A/TO ratio. Expect this season to be the revitalization of Chris Paul. With a full summer to practice with the Clippers, Chris Paul’s numbers across the board will be restored to elite status.

Picks 4-8



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