Fantasy Season in a Nutshell: Draft Day to Champion

This season I played in a 12 man, H2H, 10 category league. We had two rookie managers and although the trading was a bit slower than I would’ve liked it was still an enjoyable experience.

The segment,“Fantasy Season in a Nutshell”, will talk about the team I drafted and the team I ended up with. Who I dropped, who I picked up, and who I traded to win the prize money. Yung Money also made the finals in my league, he will be chronicling his strategy too, you can find it here.

I had the fortune of receiving the 10th pick in my league and this is who I drafted in descending order.

  1. Russel Westbrook D, T
  2. Rudy Gay D
  3. Dorell Wright D, C
  4. Chris Bosh D
  5. Jason Kidd D, C
  6. Marcus Thornton D, T
  7. Stephen Jackson D, C
  8. Chris Kaman D, C
  9. Jose Calderon D
  10. Kris Humphries D
  11. Jeff Teague D
  12. Andre Miller D, C
  13. Glen Davis D, C, P

And this is the team I finished with

  1. Rudy Gay D
  2. Kris Humphries D
  3. Jeff Teague D
  4. Jose Calderon D
  5. Chris Bosh D
  6. Glen Davis D, C, P
  7. O.J Mayo P
  8. Jason Terry T
  9. Greivis Vasquez P
  10. Wesley Matthews  T
  11. Eric Gordon P
  12. Lester Hudson P
  13. Byron Mullens P
T-Trade, D-Draft, P- Pickup, C- Cut

Clearly by the end of the season I was employing a very heavy guard rotation. Although I drafted Glen Davis I dropped him reasonably early in the season and didn’t pick him up until well into play-offs due to his resurgence with the absence of Dwight Howard.

My glue guy

Look to my next piece which will detail which of my picks helped me and which ones were not so fortunate.



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