Yung Money’s Fantasy Season in a Nutshell: Draft Day to Runner-Up

In this year’s fantasy league I was one of 12 owners in a H2H 10 category league. Full of surprises this year from the get-go. I was originally projected for the 5th overall pick which was Derrick Rose. However, one of the bush league rookie fantasy team owners decided to take D-Rose for his first overall pick. (He was supposed to take CP3 with his 3rd overall pick and 4th was supposed to get K Love). As luck would have it, I ended up with Kevin Love who I loved building around as you’ll see from who I drafted.

You can find Durantin’s “Fantasy Season in a Nutshell”, here.

1. Kevin Love D
2. Al Jefferson D
3. Eric Gordon D C
4. Kyle Lowry D C
5. Marcin Gortat D
6. Greg Monroe D T
7. Elton Brand D C
8. Nicolas Batum D C
9. Anderson Varejao D T
10. Arron Afflalo D C
11. Toney Douglas D C
12. Paul George D
13. Udonis Haslem D C

Eric Gordon’s Jersey for the 2011-2012 NBA Season

The team I finished with:
(Not a good representation because I was streaming players to try and win certain categories in the final week.)

1. Avery Bradley P
2. Paul George D
3. Goran Dragic P
4. Danilo Galinari P
5. Al Jefferson D
6. Marcin Gortat D
7. Marcus Camby P
8. Randy Foye P
9. Isaiah Thomas P
10. James Harden T
11. Caron Butler P
12. Serge Ibaka T
13. Nikola Pekovic P

Of the original 13 that I drafted. I would like to for you all to note that I clearly built around some of the elite big-men in the league. I was among the upper echelon in terms of FT%, FG%, rebounding, blocks, 3s and most importantly TO. In fact, prior to the playoffs i was 15-1-0 in rebounds and 13-1-2 in blocks. Below are some highlights of the players I originally drafted.

#1 Kevin Love – Got lucky since i was originally 5th overall
#3 Eric Gordon – Did nothing but warm my bench the entire time I had him which lasted the duration of 8 weeks.
#4 Kyle Lowry – Somewhat of a Sleeper considering his 2010-2011 campaign after taking over for the plagued Aaron Brooks. He averaged top 10 numbers until I had to drop him due to injury. I picked up Dragic who filled the void with ease.
#6 Greg Monroe – Had a breakout year. Was averaging top 30 numbers in terms of fantasy with his ability to steal, pass and make free-throws at a high rate. Due to my great strengths in big-men I opted to trade him for James Harden who is a definite keeper. He boosted my weaknesses in 3s and FTs and converted them into winning categories.
#7 Elton Brand – Was an auto pick =(. Could have drafted numerous players instead. First that comes to mind is Andrew Bynum. I didn’t really need him, but I truly would have been unstoppable in my categories. I did however, drop his grampa-ass for Nikola Pekovic, who literally tore my opponents a new one.
#8 Nicolas Batum –  His per36 stats were amazing. The only issue was his lack of minutes. On some nights he would barely break 20 minutes.
My one major mistake was getting frustrated with him and dropping him. Eventually the Trail Blazers moved Gerald Wallace and Batum started and got consistent minutes. FML.
#9 Anderson Varejao – Traded him for Ibaka. Many considered this as trade-rape. However, considering their numbers it wasn’t that bad. At the time, I would not have expected Ibaka to avg over 3bpg at the end of the season. During the trade he was at around 2.3-2.5 bpg. Varejao was also averaging a nightly double-double with 1.5spg.
#12 Paul George – Loved this kid. Best sleeper for my team this year. Was inconsistent at times, but made up for it when I needed it most. Watch out for him this year, hes definitely going in one of the earlier rounds.


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