Yellow Mamba’s Fantasy Season in a Nutshell: Quarterfinal Exit

This year I was in the same 12 team, H2H 10 category fantasy league as Durantin’ and Yung Money (Read about their seasons here and here). Unfortunately, I wasn’t as successful as them and finished 5th in the regular season and losing in an epic quarterfinal by 1 block that was awarded after a stat correction. At least I went down fighting.

Given the 6th overall pick, I used it to take Dwyane Wade in the first round followed by 2 big men in Al Horford and Serge Ibaka. I filled the rest of my lineup with a mix of guards and forwards. Peak my full draft day roster down below.

1. Dwyane Wade D
2. Al Horford D C
3. Serge Ibaka D T
4. Tyreke Evans 
5. Luol Deng D
6. Ty Lawson 
7. Kevin Garnett 
8. Nick Young 
9. Devin Harris D C
10. Ed Davis D C
11. DeJuan Blair 
12. JJ Barea D C
13. Metta World Peace D C

And this is the team I had at the end of the season:

1. Dwyane Wade D
2. Chandler Parsons P
3. Klay Thompson P
4. Tyreke Evans 
5. Luol Deng D
6. Ty Lawson 
7. Kevin Garnett 
8. Nick Young 
9. Drew Gooden P
10. Trevor Booker P
11. Zaza Pachulia 
12. Anthony Tolliver P
13. Kenneth Faried P

As you can see, I held onto almost half of the players I started off with for the whole season. As for the other spots on my team, I filled those up with a steady stream of waiver-wire pickups and also 1 trade. Very early on in the season, I was hit heavily with injuries, most significant being Al Horford’s season ending injury. With Wade, Deng, Evans and Lawson also missing time.

The 1 trade I made came after Horford’s injury and it saw me trade Ibaka for Varejao. With Horford gone, I wanted to get a more consistent scoring across the board and Varejao provided that… until he ALSO got injured for the rest of the season. The rest of my moves for the season were all waiver-wire pickups. Some of the better picks include: Drew Gooden, Trevor Booker and Klay Thompson.

My team finished the season mostly average in each category, excelling in FG%, FT%, and TO and severely lacking only in 3PTM and this was reflected in my 5th place finish. Not great, not bad, just average but hopefully with a bit of luck and less injuries, I can finish top 4 next fantasy season.


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