NBA Finals Intro – Old to New

2012 NBA Finals Intro 

Seriously, whats with the bricks?!?!

Old NBA Finals Intro 

Is it just me or does the new intro suck? They’ve used the old one for as long as I can remember. Sure, the new finals intro had a ton of the bits from the old video, but it just isn’t the same. I mean for one, the Tim Duncan in the old video is THUNDEROUS (0:39), while in the new video he just doesn’t seem to matter. As soon as we enter the chamber at around (0:50), the music would always send chills down my spine. And finally, Ginobli and the Spurs would always appear at the end and this was as classic as it got. I hate that they changed it. This video was always the reason I would tune in before the game started. Bleh…

Comment if you agree or don’t! I wanna know what you guys think.


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