What makes you beautiful.. Kobe Bryant’s dunk

So I think it’s safe to say that everyone has already seen Kobe Bryant’s ridiculous dunk last night against the Brooklyn Nets.

If you haven’t here it is again.

There are just too many good things about this dunk performed by the 34 year old Kobe Bryant.

  1. It came down as the shot clock was expiring.
  2. Kobe hammered it down between the high-fiving high-fives of Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace
  3. The score was tied up in the dying minutes of the final quarter
  4. The crowd erupted in cheers for the Lakers afterwards
  5. Finally, immediately after the dunk the Lakers went on to score 10 more points. The Nets? 3 points. COMPLETE DOMINATION

Seriously though, well done Kobe. On another note Pau-Pau Gasol went down with a foot injury in the third quarter and he says that something “popped”. Hopefully he’s ok because the Lakers have actually been interesting to watch since Dwight Howard went down with the shoulder injury.



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