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Free-Agency Recap

This week hasn’t been nearly as busy as the last few weeks have been. It really isn’t all that surprising given that the Summer League is coming to an end and most of the big boys in the head office are more concerned with how their draft picks are shaping up.

There have been some moves here and there though and they break down like this:

Dallas Mavericks

After losing out on Dwight Howard, Deron Williams, Steve Nash, Jeremy Lin, Jason Kidd, and every other big name out in the free agency pool, the Mavericks somehow pulled it all together and came out with a decent haul. They wrestled O.J Mayo away from the Grizzlies in a move that filled the shooting guard position with a young, explosive guard who can score in bunches. Traded away Ian Mahinmi for rookie star Darren Collison and Dahntay Jones. This was a great move because they gave up virtually nothing for a great passing/scoring guard who is in just his third year in the league.

Whatever size they lost with Mahinmi was gained in the signings of Elton Brand and Chris Kaman. Two veteran all-stars who are still capable of putting up impressive numbers. Although these Mavericks will look very different on court from their roster last season, expect them to still make a good playoff push next season.

Boston Celtics

The Celtics have brought in Courtney Lee, to further help fill in for the absence of Ray Allen. Having some young blood in Lee and old blood in Jason Terry ought to keep the Celtics relevant for at least another season…

Los Angeles Clippers

Grant Hill is going to Los Angeles! Only it’s the wrong side of town and he will not be joining long-time team mate, Steve Nash.

Houston Rockets

The Rockets have signed Jeremy Lin to a massively back-loaded contract that succeeded in keeping Lin from going back to the Knicks. They also brought in Omer Asik to a 3 year, 20 million contract and boy that’s really going to help…

Phoenix Suns

The Suns picked Luis Scola off the waiver wire and they actually are looking like a decent squad after the departure of Steve Nash. With Goran Dragic and Michael Beasley in the mix, the Suns are still going to be a really fun team to watch next season.


Moving on…

We’re about halfway through the off-season and trades have gone down left and right leaving my head spinning on who is where now. That coupled with the surprisingly exciting summer league games it’s pretty exciting thinking about what’s going to go down next season.

So here is a recap of what happened in the league recently.

New Orleans Hornets

The Hornets have matched the offer that the Phoenix Suns made to Eric Gordon. Ensuring that he will at least start the season in the blue and yellow. Considering the fact that Gordon really really wanted to play for the Suns and stated that he absolutely did not want to play in the Big Easy, it will be interesting to see if he pulls a disappearing act on the Hornets.

Oh and Anthony Davis is going to be going to the Olympics. Yeah, he’s a rookie who hasn’t played a single NBA game. Good times!

Orlando Magic

They are still trying to find a good deal for Dwight Howard. after multiple offers from several teams it doesn’t seem like the Magic are happy with any of the offers they are getting. From the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Houston Rockets it is incredibly frustrating watching the Magic tease so many teams without actually doing the deed. But who cares?

I don’t like Dwight Howard anymore.

Brooklyn Nets

With Gerald Wallace, Joe Johnson, and Deron Williams in their starting line-ups they have now added Brook Lopez to their versatile line-up. Although they are still looking to re-sign Kris Humphries they have officially withdrawn from the Dwight Howard Race. This will be a great offensive team to watch. They should be able to put up 100 points on any given night and boy have the Nets become relevant again. However with all these large contracts it’s going to be tough for the Nets to sign any other significant role-players going into the future. As such I shall name this team the B-List Miami Heat.

Speaking of which.

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat have wrestled Ray Allen away from the Celtics and picked up the newly amnestied Rashard Lewis from the Hornets. Last year’s defending champs have somehow managed to pick up two of the most prolific 3-point shooters in the league. How the hell did that happen? I’m sorry to say this folks but the Heat are locked in for the next few years as the only concrete title contenders.

New York Knicks

The Knicks signed Jason Kidd, that really ought to fix their problems. A 39 year old point guard who is really good at driving. SCORE. They also signed Marcus Camby who is expected to play at least a quarter of the season.

Jeremy Lin has also signed an offer-sheet put forth from the Houston Rockets and everyone expects the Knicks to match the offer sheet. Their have also been rumours that the Knicks won’t be matching the offer instead looking to bring back Raymond Felton. The Linsanity goes on and I could not care less!

Clippers and Lakers, big moves in the making.

The battle for basketball supremacy in Los Angeles continues as the LA Clippers and LA Lakers continue to make big offseason moves to solidify their hold on the city. Personally, I think these two teams have made the biggest impact in the free agency market so far. While the Houston Rockets continue to make an effort to put together a package to bring Dwight Howard over, the Los Angeles teams have made legitimate moves to bring themselves one step closer to a championship next season.

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And we’re back.

Sorry about the long hiatus folks, it’s been an awesome Canada weekend and I think we can all agree that time spent outside with an ice-cold brew is better than being stuck in front of the computer.

Since we last posted the NBA Draft has gone down, where every single player seems like a game-changer. Not only are we excited to see how the draft picks are working out for their respective teams but the NBA is alive with trades and rumours.

The biggest one thus far is Deron Williams deciding to re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets. Not only did they retain their marquee point guard but they also traded for Joe Johnson and managed to keep Gerald Wallace for another 4 years. Is this enough for the Brooklyn Nets to become championship contenders? Probably not. They haven’t re-signed an NBA referee yet.

The Hornets really came out big winners from the draft, they took Anthony “Wow the Brow” Davis at the first pick and Austin “Doc” Rivers at the 10th pick. All they need now is to re-sign Eric Gordon and damn that team is looking pretty set for the next ten years. The only problem with that is that Eric Gordon has agreed to a max deal with the Phoenix Suns(?). Yup. The Phoenix Suns. If they can’t make the play-offs with Steve Nash it’s hard for me to believe they can do it with Knee Gordon. It’d be a difference scenario if he were healthy.

Since Eric Gordon is a restricted free agent (RFA), the Hornets can choose to match the Suns offer and are reportedly going to do so. If this happens, Gordon will be forced to stay with the Hornets. This is a smart move on the Hornet’s part because they know he’s too valuable to walk. They will probably trade him some point next year and get some nice pieces in return. They can’t sign and trade him because in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, it stipulates that a RFA cannot be traded after they have been given a matching offer.

To further complicate things, Gordon has stated that he has no wish to play for the Hornets so it’ll be interesting to see how the Hornets choose to play out the situation. This entire scenario reminds me of Vince Carter in his late Raptor days and what’s been going on with Dwight and the Magic for the past two seasons. The only difference in this case is that Gordon’s contract hasn’t even started. Not going to lie, it’s pretty low-blow to the city of New Orleans. Gordon was the only relevant piece that came over during the Chris Paul trade and it is starting to seem like the Hornets aren’t going to retain anything at all for the all-world point guard they lost.

Over in Boston, the Celtics have retained the services of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. They have signed Jason Terry over from the Mavericks and are trying to keep Ray Allen and Jeff Green. To be honest, I don’t know what Danny Ainge is thinking. Garnett, Pierce, Allen, and Terry are all at least 36 years old and Paul Pierce is the young one at 34. I could easily see all five of them going down with injuries during the season and Boston really will be royally screwed for the next five years.

We’ll analyse the rest of the picks and obviously break down the big moves in the league so be on the lookout.

NBA Finals Intro – Old to New

2012 NBA Finals Intro 

Seriously, whats with the bricks?!?!

Old NBA Finals Intro 

Is it just me or does the new intro suck? They’ve used the old one for as long as I can remember. Sure, the new finals intro had a ton of the bits from the old video, but it just isn’t the same. I mean for one, the Tim Duncan in the old video is THUNDEROUS (0:39), while in the new video he just doesn’t seem to matter. As soon as we enter the chamber at around (0:50), the music would always send chills down my spine. And finally, Ginobli and the Spurs would always appear at the end and this was as classic as it got. I hate that they changed it. This video was always the reason I would tune in before the game started. Bleh…

Comment if you agree or don’t! I wanna know what you guys think.

Fantasy Basketball for Dummies: Picks 1-3

#1 Lebron James

53%FG,77%FT,0.9 3PG, 7.9RPG,  6.2APG,  3.4TO, 1.9SPG, 0.8BPG, 27.2PPG

Lebron James is a nightly triple-double threat. A small forward that can pass, rebound, and score at will, numbers wise he is the clear MVP of the league. His free throw shooting was long considered his weakness but it has risen from his average last year. The best thing about having James as your top pick is that you can have the freedom to draft anybody you want second because James is so versatily. Continue reading

Breaking News…

Injury Update: Derrick Rose will be out for the majority of the 2012-2013 campaign trying to recover from his torn ACL. His earliest return date is set for late January or early Feb and I hope it is, but I don’t know if I can be that optimistic.

Pretty much sums up the entire situation.

This seems like a huge blow for not only the Bulls, but the entire organization. Rose was definitively one of the most humble, explosive and exciting players to watch. This is probably why he is so liked around the league and it’s just sad to see this happen to such a young and competitive athlete.

With this in mind the Bulls are aggressively going to be trying to acquire Jason Kidd or Steve Nash in this year’s offseason. Look out world!

That’s over and back!

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