Category: Draft Prospects 2012

And with the 8th Overall Pick the Toronto Raptors Select…..

Player Stats

Name: Jeremy Lamb
Position: Shooting Guard
Height: 6’5
Wingspan: 7’1
Weight: 185 lbs
College: University of Connecticut (Sophomore)
Avgs: 11.1 ppg 4.5 rpg 1.6 apg

Description: Lamb’s frame is comparable to that of Reggie Miller. How he performs in the NBA has yet to be seen of course.  Very capable of spotting up and making a 3, but we’ll have to see how he transitions to the 3pt line in the NBA. Lamb is a solid on d, athletic, explosive and fluid even with his monstrous 7’1 wingspan. Definitely, a promising prospect with a lot of upside. His one downside is his bulk and size. For a player to weigh a measly 185 pounds at 6’5 makes me believe his body is not NBA ready and he might have a hard time shifting from the NCAA. With a strong work ethic, and some determination in the gym there might be a glimpse of hope for Raptor fans.