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Where in the world is James Harden, Lord of the Beard?

Heading into the playoff finals I had the Thunder favoured to come out on top in seven games. Now they find themselves on the verge of being eliminated in five. I always thought that the Thunder were a much deeper team. With Durant able to trade baskets with Lebron James, and Russell Westbrook and Dwyane Wade evenly matched in scoring.

That left the reigning sixth-man of the year, James Harden, matched up with the likes of Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier, and Mike Miller. Prior to the series opener it seemed like Harden would be the deciding factor of the series. Chris Bosh could be easily neutralized by Serge Ibaka and open looks aplenty for Derek Fisher and Thabo Sefolosha.

Well, well, well, how the turntables. Seems like Shane Battier can’t miss from the beyond the arc, Mario Jumpers is actually a great scoring guard, and Chris Bosh is a beast in the post.

So who is to blame?

I could be anything, so i decided to be a cake.

Is it Scott Brooks who can’t seem to come up with a efficient line up? Is Russell Westbrook playing too much hero ball? Maybe Kevin Durant wants a break from Momma D’s kisses after those wins?


James Harden, aka FTB (fear the beard), has pulled a magnificent disappearing act in the finals. Without a reliable third scoring option the Thunder have resorted to playing hero-ball. Give the ball to the player who’s hot and cross your fingers. In Game 4 it was Russell Westbrook, and before that it was Kevin Durant. Everyone knows that teams win championships, not individuals. Nobody knows that better than Lebron James in his Cleveland days.

Aside from a 21-point scoring effort from Harden in Game 2 and a 10-rebound outing in Game 4; Harden hasn’t been the bearded Manu-Ginobili that we’ve been used to. Throughout the series Harden has shot 13 for 37, committed 17 personal fouls, and 9 turnovers. Without James Harden the Thunder can’t beat the Miami Heat. Durant and Westbrook may score 70 points together but it won’t be enough if the rest of the team can’t top 30 points.

Let’s hope the Thunder can beat the history books and overcome the 3-1 deficit to come out on top.

Good luck, you’ll need it.


NBA Finals Intro – Old to New

2012 NBA Finals Intro 

Seriously, whats with the bricks?!?!

Old NBA Finals Intro 

Is it just me or does the new intro suck? They’ve used the old one for as long as I can remember. Sure, the new finals intro had a ton of the bits from the old video, but it just isn’t the same. I mean for one, the Tim Duncan in the old video is THUNDEROUS (0:39), while in the new video he just doesn’t seem to matter. As soon as we enter the chamber at around (0:50), the music would always send chills down my spine. And finally, Ginobli and the Spurs would always appear at the end and this was as classic as it got. I hate that they changed it. This video was always the reason I would tune in before the game started. Bleh…

Comment if you agree or don’t! I wanna know what you guys think.

Eastern Conference Finals: Where Boston shit its pants.

Where do I start….

Lebron James had a ridiculous game and absolutely raped the Celtics.

I’m talking in the ass, no lube, go to town rape.

I’m sorry if that was offensive but the Celtics made the worst offensive choices and yeah. I can’t even post about this game, by the time I turned off the tube Lebron had 45 points on 19-26 shooting and 13 rebounds.

I’m so sad that this is all I’m going to write.

I know Rajon, I’m sad too.

Eastern Conference Finals: Game 6

I can only keep my fingers crossed that tonight’s game will be as amazing as yesterday’s. Seems like the playoff finals are destined to mirror each other all the way to the end.

This is a must-win game for the Heat. If they don’t manage to win this one and advance their entire season will be considered a failure. Not only will their season be over but you just can’t wait for the criticisms of the combination of Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh.

Last season they made it all the way to the NBA finals but fell to the Dallas Mavericks in a thrilling 6 game series. This year if they fall short of even making the finals expect the critics to go wild. Even without Bosh for most of the playoffs the Heat have looked dominant in games they have won. However even with his return on Tuesday night’s game  they still were unable to defeat the Boston Celtics at home.

If they lost tonight expect Bosh to be up on the trade block and their coach Erik Spoelstra, will probably be collecting his unemployment cheque this time next season.

The pressure is on the Heat tonight. Lebron’s Heat is going to have to take over both on defence and on offence in order to force a game 7 back in Miami.

Western Conference Finals- Go Big or Go Home

The game had the premise for a good game after Westbrook drove into the lane, and made an open dunk, but that and a second quarter buzzer beater were the only memorable moments for the Thunder in the first half.

The Spurs came out hot and heavy this game. Jumping out to a 34-20 lead after the first quarter, the Spurs looked like the Spurs we expected. You could tell a good game was coming when Ginobili sank a quick 3 in the opening seconds of tip-off. This was followed by a flurry of points and assists from Tony Parker, Parker assisted or scored on 7 straight Spurs field goals and the result was 27 points.

Good to have you back Mr.Longoria Parker. He finished the first quarter with 17 points and 5 rebounds and absolutely dominated the OKC defense to start. By  halftime he had 21 points, 10 assists, 2 steals, and a single turnover. Whether he drove to the net, fed Tim Duncan for the mid-range, or found a guard for a three he did absolutely everything.

Calm, cool, and efficient basketball allowed the Spurs to take a commanding 14 point lead into the second quarter, and the offense stayed aggressive and pressured the Thunder’s defense. Led by Stephen Jackson’s 3 threes in the quarter the Spurs were absolutely monstrous from the three point line in the first half. Shooting 9-15  in the first half the rowdy OKC crowd was silenced as three after three found the bottom of the net.

Then the Thunder flipped the switch. Hoollyyyy did they flip it. Durant came at the Spurs with a vengeance, big shot after big three the Thunder had cut the lead down to a single point going into the fourth. He would finish the game with 34 points, 14 rebounds, 5 assists, a steal, 2 blocks, 4 three’s, and only 2 turnovers. Monster.

But the second half was all about the Thunder. Outscoring the Spurs by 14 points in the 3rd quarter they entered the 4th quarter with a 14 point lead. The Spurs just couldn’t buy a basket in the third quarter. Parker would only score 2 points in the 3rd quarter and the entire script of the game just flipped.

Open looks weren’t falling, offensive rebounds were going the wrong way, and playing against Kevin Durant and James Harden doesn’t make it any easier.

Derek Fisher was amazing in the final quarter too, now that he’s no longer with the Lakers he can actually shoot the ball and boy did he shoot it. he scored some much needed baskets to keep the Spurs down.

The Thunder crowd was absolutely wild, for most of the game I couldn’t even hear the commentators, just “OKC! OKC! OKC!”. Rallying from 18 down the young Thunder are no longer inexperienced because the young Thunder are headed to the NBA finals.

Pregame Hoop Hopes: Bring the Thunder!

It’s a must win for the Spurs.

Entering Game 2 of the Western conference finals the Spurs looked on top of the world. They had a 20 game win streak going that carried over from the regular season, and convincing wins over the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Clippers made the Spurs the favorite to take it all.

3 games later and their victory parade looks further than ever before for. The Spurs have dropped 3 games straight to the rising Thunder and are on the verge of elimination.

Poor play from Tony Parker, mainly because of the re-assignment of the Thunder’s Thabo Sefolosha on defense, has left the Spurs offence stagnant at many times. It was a beauty to watch the Spurs on offence during the Jazz and Clippers series. The ball was constantly swinging setting up open looks for every single Spurs player. Arguably the greatest strength of the Spurs was their depth, having reliable scorers like Gary Neal, Danny Green, and Tiago Splitter come off the bench meant that the offense was constantly pushing the ball.

However, against the Thunder, the Spurs have forgotten the patient playoff brand of basketball they were known for. Without those extra passes open looks can’t be created and those reliable scorers find themselves forcing the ball to create their own shots.

Trade deadline pick-up, Stephen Jackson, has been magnificent during the playoffs, drilling clutch three’s and doing all he can to contain Kevin Durant. On the other end, Kevin Durant and James Harden have been impossible to contain and at times they seem to score at will. While Russell Westbrook is playing mediocre basketball it is scary to think what will happen when they all line-up to have box-score breaking stat lines.

Meet James Harden, clutch 3-point shooter, skilled ball-handler, building.

Two weeks ago the Spurs were ready to sweep the Thunder, and to many it seemed like a reality. Presently, it seems like the Spurs might be looking at an early exit.

Here’s what I hope happens today

  • Spurs win, please?
  • Get a body on Ibaka! He can nail that mid-range jumper easily.
  • Perkins isn’t the point-guard with 4 minutes remaining
  • Spurs bench has to be the reliable Spurs bench, not the disappearing act they’ve been for the past 2 games.
  • Westbrook’s postgame shirt doesn’t contain more than 17 colours.

Luck of the Irish? Nope.

If your playoff bracket said that the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Boston Celtics would be playing each other in the NBA Finals at the start of the Playoffs.. you’re a dirty fucking liar!

After Derrick Rose went down with a torn ACL in the first round it seemed like the Miami Heat had a clear path all the way up to the Finals. No one thought that the Celtics of all teams would be the team to put the Heat up against the wall.

The revived play of the Kevin “The Big Ticket” Garnett has fueled the Celtics back into relevance and the magical play of Rajon Rondo has left the Heat defense scratching their heads.

The Celtics were supposed to be too old, too tired, and just out of gas going into the playoffs. Coming in at the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference, the Celtics drew the Atlanta Hawks as their first opponent. Unsurprisingly they knocked off the Hawks in 6 (cause they’re the Hawks) and advanced to play the 76’s, who were fresh off a series victory over the top seeded Chicago Bulls.

Their series against the Sixers went to 7 games and by the end of it we were really wondering, “You can’t even beat the Sixers in convincing a fashion? Wait till you have to play the Heat!”. Entering the Conference Finals everything seemed to be going according to the script. Miami won both games at home, then Boston won game 3.

“Lucky win, the Celtics are too proud to get swept, they’re done after that.”

Then they won Game 4 in overtime.

Then they won Game 5, in Miami, by 4 points.

If my addition is correct that would put the Boston Celtics up 3-2… oh and check it out they’re back at home too!. That my friends, is what they call a convincing lead. The Celtics can closeout the Heat with a win on Thursday. If they play the gritty basketball that they’ve played all season then it looks like the Celtics may still have one more in the tank.

Good job! Good effort!

Anything you can do I can do better.

That’s what the Celtics had to say after mimicking OKC’s success and taking a 3-2 series lead at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. Just like Harden 2 nights ago, we saw Paul Pierce hitting a clutch 3 over Lebron James to put the Celtics up by 4 with just under a minute left. Read the FBD’s full recap of last night’s game here.

Good job! Good effort!
This kid’s a champ. The definition of loyalty and optimism. Never change.

Eastern Conference Finals- Boston @ Miami Game 5

It felt like an unpredictable night overall as I honestly expected the Heat to win convincingly, especially with the return of Bosh. The Celtics came out flat missing their first six shots from the field, allowing the Heat to jump out to a 7-0 lead.The first half was awful for both teams, as easy baskets weren’t falling and both teams appeared to be rushing their offense. The Celtics were shooting an awful 33.3% by the half while the Heat shot at 36.6%.

Rondo was plagued by foul trouble early in the game and was a non-factor for much of the first half. Combined with his abysmal shooting (3-15), he still did a good job getting teammates involved as he dished out 13 assists. His assist total alone tied the number of assists the Heat had the entire game.

A great second half saw clutch threes from Mickael Pietrus and Paul Pierce which seemingly put the Heat away. But the true hero in this game for the Celtics was KG. He looked revitalized and was playing the pick and roll game to perfection with Rondo all night long.

Though he wasn’t as efficient as he regularly is, Lebron was a monster this game scoring 30 points and hauling in 13 rebounds. His highlight of the night was a hustle play where he grabbed two offensive rebounds and lay’d it up by slashing through the Boston defense.

The return of Chris Bosh was short-lived as he played less than 15 minutes and sat out the entire fourth quarter. Despite this he made the most of his minutes, scoring nine points and grabbing seven boards. I personally think Spoelstra should have put Chris Bosh in the game. He felt he was ready to go and managed to make some tough shots. His ass should have been on the court instead of warming the bench.

Seriously, give it up for KG’s performance. Great Interview.
Doris Burke: What fuels you after 17 years in the league?
Kevin Garnett: Competition, the naysayers, the owners who talk too much, the people who don’t think a 36 or 35 year old can do what I do. I take a lot of pride on my craft. I work really hard on my craft everyday. I’m a true professional.

Thunder Up!

James. Harden. WOW.


and again a few minutes later.


A 4-point play midway through the 4th quarter and then the dagger 3 with 29 seconds left to give OKC the win on the road, I’m sorry Erik, the result might not have been for you but it was DEFINITELY satisfying for me. Check out Erik’s recap of last night’s game here.

My reaction to those Harden 3’s.

Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals goes down tonight in Miami. Who do you got? Easy Miami win or will the Celtics mimic OKC and get the win on the road.