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Pregame Hoop Hopes: Bring the Thunder!

It’s a must win for the Spurs.

Entering Game 2 of the Western conference finals the Spurs looked on top of the world. They had a 20 game win streak going that carried over from the regular season, and convincing wins over the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Clippers made the Spurs the favorite to take it all.

3 games later and their victory parade looks further than ever before for. The Spurs have dropped 3 games straight to the rising Thunder and are on the verge of elimination.

Poor play from Tony Parker, mainly because of the re-assignment of the Thunder’s Thabo Sefolosha on defense, has left the Spurs offence stagnant at many times. It was a beauty to watch the Spurs on offence during the Jazz and Clippers series. The ball was constantly swinging setting up open looks for every single Spurs player. Arguably the greatest strength of the Spurs was their depth, having reliable scorers like Gary Neal, Danny Green, and Tiago Splitter come off the bench meant that the offense was constantly pushing the ball.

However, against the Thunder, the Spurs have forgotten the patient playoff brand of basketball they were known for. Without those extra passes open looks can’t be created and those reliable scorers find themselves forcing the ball to create their own shots.

Trade deadline pick-up, Stephen Jackson, has been magnificent during the playoffs, drilling clutch three’s and doing all he can to contain Kevin Durant. On the other end, Kevin Durant and James Harden have been impossible to contain and at times they seem to score at will. While Russell Westbrook is playing mediocre basketball it is scary to think what will happen when they all line-up to have box-score breaking stat lines.

Meet James Harden, clutch 3-point shooter, skilled ball-handler, building.

Two weeks ago the Spurs were ready to sweep the Thunder, and to many it seemed like a reality. Presently, it seems like the Spurs might be looking at an early exit.

Here’s what I hope happens today

  • Spurs win, please?
  • Get a body on Ibaka! He can nail that mid-range jumper easily.
  • Perkins isn’t the point-guard with 4 minutes remaining
  • Spurs bench has to be the reliable Spurs bench, not the disappearing act they’ve been for the past 2 games.
  • Westbrook’s postgame shirt doesn’t contain more than 17 colours.

Pre-Game Hoop Hopes: A Veboshoraptor has been sighted.

The return of Chris Bosh

Cue Benny Hill music please.

Since he went down against the New York Knicks, Chris Bosh has been caught on the bench being… for lack of a better word, an idiot.

And even before that he was starting to be a on camera trickster too.

Oh silly Bosh tricks are for kids!

Let’s be serious though, the return of Bosh would have a large impact on the outcome of this game. With Bosh, the Heat can now properly space out the floor. The return of a third scoring option who can easily hit that mid-range jumper will take away the Celtics’ option of double-teaming Dwayne Wade and Lebron James every time they touch the ball. With more space across the floor expect Battier, Chalmers, and Jones to knock down the occasional corner three.

Haslem has been phenomenal in the absence of Bosh. He is a better defender and a better rebounder, but right now the Heat need offense. They need someone to take the heat off of Wade and James (pun not intended).

Rondo will have to go for 20 and 10, Garnett another 20 and 10, Pierce will have to chip in his usual production, and please Ray, shoot above 50%! On defense, on offense the Celtics needs to play a perfect game.

Paul Pierce must stay out of foul trouble, and for that to happen the referees will have to properly do their jobs. I mean, come on guys, enough with the light calls.

I expect that the winner of this game will end up playing in the NBA finals. My heart goes with the Celtics but my gut goes with the Heat.

What I hope will happen this game:

  • Every member of a “Big 3” will play over 40 minutes
  • Rondo is special, he gets 48.
  • Ray Allen will shoot the lights out of the building at a much better rate
  • Both teams will shoot less than 30 free throws.

Fuck off Mr.Bosh.

EDIT:  There may not be a happy ending after all

Pregame Hoop Hopes: OKC @ San Antonio

Never would’ve imagined that the Thunder would be able to make the Spurs seem so human. After dominating performances at home the Thunder are on the road again this time at the AT&T Center to hopefully steal game 5 from the Spurs.

After Game 1, people thought that KD could be contained by Stephen Jackson, cause you know… that’s a realistic thing to say (there needs to be a typecast to signify sarcasm). yeah… no.

You can’t stop KD. I’m sorry but Mac & Cheese just can’t be beat.

It’s going to be tough for the rest of the Thunder because you can’t count on Serge Ibaka to score 25 points on 11 for 11 shooting every night and even more unreliable is Kendrick Perkins going off for 15 points. Russel Westbrook absolutely has to step up tonight. After averaging 7.5 points on 20% shooting over the past two games at home, you can’t help but wonder if dressing like this is implying he has adult onset retardation

“You stay classy San Diego!”- Ron Burgundy (Anchorman)

What I hope will happen this game:

Spurs fans get up and cheer for their home team, at least pretend to show that your as into this as the OKC fans.

Tony Parker is going to come alive in this game, it’s about time!

Westbrook is going to realize that wearing lens-less glasses really doesn’t stop the flies from hitting his eyes when he drives to the hoop.

Coach Pop is going to absolutely demolish anyone who fucks up on defense, on offense, at the line, on the bench, and in the locker room.

Pregame Hoop Hopes: Miami @ Boston Game 4

It is pretty scary how good the Miami Heat are without Chris Bosh. We all thought that when the veBoshoraptor went down that the Heat would be completely lost. Without his offensive presence it meant that teams would be able to double-team Wade and James on every posession. And for the first few games without Bosh it really seemed like the Heat were a completely different team.

That was about 3 weeks ago. Now that the Heat have finished 2 playoff series without the traitor Bosh they are finally settling into life after Bosh.

“Hodor Hodor Hodor”- Hodor (Game of Thrones)

Erik Spoelstra has announced that Bosh will not participate in Game 4 so we’ll see how Wade will be able to adapt. Considering the last few games for Wade have been disappointing on the Dwyane-scale it’s only a matter of time before he bounces back.

What I hope will happen this game:

Rondo is going to summon the free-throw gods once again and shoot above 70% from the line.

Kevin Garnett is going to do something that no one will understand and in doing so everyone will understand that it’s Kevin Garnett.

If Pierce is going to have a wheelchair inducing injury then miraculously recover, this is the game that it has to happen.

I wish with all my heart that Ray Allen goes off. As one of my favourite players its tough to see him struggle with those ankles and bone spurs.

The Celtics make it 2-2 and break Miami in 6… but smarter minds will prevail..: Heat in 6.

Pregame Hoop Hopes: San Antonio @ OKC Game 4

Get your beers folks. Game 4 of the Western Conference finals is on tonight. After The Spurs got killed in the rowdy Chesapeake Arena two days ago look forward to a competitive bounce back from the Spurs.

What I hope will happen this game:

Ginobli, Gynobilly, Binobilly, Gynobly….. MANU is going to have a sick dunk, sick assist, and sick three. Possibly all in the same play

Timmy D is going to fall asleep at the free throw line but make the bucket at the 4th second. He’s also going to make sure that every Spur gets a pat on the head.

Kevin Durant is going to have a monstrous game. +30 for sure on half the attempts that Westbrook will make.

Lil’ Wayne is going to be a Lil’ bitch and try to order some cough medicine and he’ll get what he wants.


Cheers kids, get excited cause it’s gonna be good tonight.