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Jordan Brand’s newest ad: ‘This Is Where It Starts’

With basketball in the Olympics in full swing, Jordan Brand has released their newest commercial ‘This Is Where It Starts’. The ad has a very global feel to it as it prominently features USA basketball and China basketball in the form of two kids watching the Olympics and being inspired to ‘rise above’ and become international superstars themselves. Enjoy and take in all the details in the ad just up above!


Team USA Olympic Opener

Team USA is going to square off against France tomorrow at 9:30AMET on NBC. Both teams are coming out of pool A and I couldn’t be more excited about the Team USA’s first Olympic game.

France’s starting lineup will most likely consist of Tony Parker at the point, Nicolas Batum at small forward, Boris Diaw at power forward, Kevin Seraphin at center, and Nando de Colo at the shooting guard position. De Colo will join the Spurs for the 2012-2013 season.

USA will most likely start Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Lebron James, and Tyson Chandler to open the game.

Although the US is undefeated against France in the Olympics, expect Tony Parker to put on his usual arrays of passes and court magic when scoring the ball. His pairing with Batum and Diaw ought to put on a entertaining show for at least the first two quarters until USA really turns it on. Team USA completely dominated their exhibition games leading up to the Olympics, with their closest game against Argentina resulted in a 8 point victory that saw Team USA leading by as much as 20 on two separate occasions.

Surprisingly, France did not qualify for the previous two summer Olympics, with their last appearance in the Sydney Olympics yielding a silver medal.

If France was also able to recruit a healthy Joakim Noah to play for them this season then I would have said that had a fighting chance at pulling this game out. However without a strong defensive presence on the inside (Seraphin plays for the Wizards) it’s hard to see France taking advantage of Team USA’s weakness in size.

These games are always fun to watch though because it’s like watching an All-Star game where the players actually play defence. The blow-outs are still pretty great to watch too because Anthony Davis doesn’t get any real playing time so those garbage minutes off the bench yield some pretty exciting plays.

Look forward to our post-game recap tomorrow!

Team USA vs ’92 Dream Team

Team USA

It’s the middle of June, the NBA season has ended, the draft has come and gone and free agency is starting to simmer down a bit. Let’s talk about the Olympics.

I imagine this was MJ’s reaction.

I’m sure everyone’s already heard that Kobe thinks this years Olympic team can beat the ’92 Dream Team but yesterday Michael Jordan replied and said he “absolutely laughed” when he heard Kobe’s comments. Charles Barkley said he just started laughing too. Jordan added, “For him to compare those two teams is not one of the smarter things he ever could have done.” Understandable for Jordan to say seeing as he is considered ‘The Greatest of All Time’. Larry Bird also had something to say, “They probably could. I haven’t played in 20 years and we’re all old now.” I lol’ed a little bit.

Then Kobe comes back with this gem. “He knows I’m a bad mother fucker. I’m not really tripping.” Kobe mother-fucker Bryant. Sorry Mario Chalmers, your nickname is now invalid.

In my last post, we got a glimpse of what Kyrie Irving could do and I told you to keep an eye on him. Once again though, Kobe ain’t scared.

This is why Kobe is amazing.