Eastern Conference Finals- Miami @ Boston Game 3

Wow. Are the East and West conferences supposed to mimic each other in terms of intensity?

Boston got the win in the second blowout of the Conference Finals thus far. Boston’s big 3 all showed up to play (that’s Garnett, Pierce, and Rondo btw). Scoring above 20 points apiece while everyone minus crybaby drama queen, Paul Pierce, shot above 50%.

Also, how great has Rajon Rondo been during this series? Chris Webber knows best.

Miami was quite good too, shooting just below 50% on the game with a typical Lebron James statline from Lebron James and a subpar game from Dwyane Wade.

Enough about the technicalities of the game though lets talk about the playoffs so far. I for one have been incredibly fucking disappointed by the games that I have  been excited for thus far. Game 3 of both conferences has been incredibly disappointing. I was looking forward to cracking some beers with some friends and watching a tight game but fuck me and call me stupid I didn’t get to do that.

Whipped out the beer cups and played some beer pong and flip cup and took a few bloat-loss walks to check out the score on the tube. Too bad the score made me want to drink even more.



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